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Komorebi, the poetice expression in Japanese, does not exist in most other languages and we think it beautifully captures the subtlety of mother-nature. We hope our Yoga studio similarly offers comfort, unity, and peace for the people of Hakuba and for anyone who has made the effort to come here. Our mission matches with the greater philosophy of Yoga and and we will not be asking for class fees. Instead, we ask for donation which will not be for profit and will be kept for future use until it reaches a substantial amount. We hope to organize yoga events to bring people to Hakuba and to help more people enjoy the benefits of yoga. Your donation will be given back to Hakuba in the form of these events. Namaste.

Yoga Styles

You can see class details from HERE

Yoga Instructor

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Class Schedule

ヨガの情報サイトはヨガジェネレーション/yoga generation

*Click yoga classes to check further information

Winter Schedule for 2018-2019

・Winter schedule will be effective until the end of March. Please check the calendar above for more details.

Donation (effective from December 15th)

Drop in:2,000 yen
3 times pass : 5,400 yen
5 times pass:8,000 yen
10 times pass:14,000 yen
Passes must be used within one year from purchase.
*Local resident discount is available for those who show proof of address in Hakuba, Omachi, Otari, Nagano-city.

Friends Discount
Bring a friend, and join our class for 1,000 yen!
If it’s your friend’s first time at Komorebi Yoga, both of you can join our class for 1,000 yen.

Studio Rental

Can be used to hold meetings (we have tables and chairs upon request), stretching sessions, or for just having fun!
You can contact us through the website form or call us to check availability.

How to make a reservation

  • Click from the calendar (log in through Mindbody)
  • Mindbody app
  • phone call (Shakespeare Hotel: 0261-72-6666
  • Hotel front desk
  • Order form below

First time to book via website