Shakespeare Hotel



Located at the base of the Japanese Alps, Hakuba offers a breathtaking panoramic view, an array of outdoor activities, and natural hot spring baths or “Onsen” that will be perfect for both physical and mental relaxation. The beautifully refurbished Shakespeare Hotel is conveniently situated in the heart of Hakuba and offers guests a stylish and cozy atmosphere to rest and unwind. In the winter, The Shakespeare Hotel is minutes away from 11 ski resorts, the closest one being Happo-one, the[…]


WHY SUMMER CAMP IN HAKUBA? To help students from all over the world spend their summer vacations effectively!! Students can learn English but also reconnect with mother nature in Hakuba which is located at the base of the Japanese Alps. Tired of playing video games? Want a moment away from the city? Then pick up your books and get ready for Hakuba Peace Summer camp 2018! Easy for parents – Students will be chaperoned to and from Shinjuku. STUDY: English[…]


Komorebi, the poetice expression in Japanese, does not exist in most other languages and we think it beautifully captures the subtlety of mother-nature. We hope our Yoga studio similarly offers comfort, unity, and peace for the people of Hakuba and for anyone who has made the effort to come here. Our mission matches with the greater philosophy of Yoga and and we will not be asking for class fees. Instead, we ask for donation which will not be for profit[…]